Article critique Use the attached article to answer the following question. Why are computerized programming tools and secure programming a concern in the business environment? Be sure that you examine programming tools and determine secure programming principles and/or development. Your article critique should consist of no less than three pages. In your article critique, you should do the following: Write your critique in APA format. Begin with an introduction that defines the subject of your critique and your point of view. You will need to identify and explain the author’s ideas. Include specific passages that support your description of the author’s point of view. Defend your point of view by raising specific issues or aspects of the argument. Offer your own opinion. Explain what you think about the argument. Describe several points with which you agree or disagree. Explain how the passages support your opinion. Conclude your critique by summarizing your argument and re-emphasizing your opinion. For each of the points you mention, indicate specific passages from the text that provide evidence for your point of view. Please be sure that any sources you paraphrase or quote are cited and referenced properly. References HURWITZ, J. (GUS). (2017). Cyberensuring Security. Connecticut Law Review, 49(5), 1495–1547. Retrieved from


    Well, computer programs and software are material to untrustworthiness. A affair that interpretations software and computer programs are at the lavish of facing untrustworthiness from hackers and unacknowledged individuals. Any fraternity should opine and fix that their clients handle utmost guarantee. A customer has the correct of unendangeredty from the affaires they work. Any nonperformance of customer guarantee is punishable by statute. A affair that exposes their customers to any untrustworthiness kind is held binding by the statute. Therefore, it is severe ce any fraternity that interpretations computer programs and software to fix that they are enclose. The fabricator of the word emphasizes the sorrow of having enc facilitate software and programming skills. He goes afore and explains the five declaration of software guarantee. The elements concertedly with the declaration succor software unravelers and founder s to unravel enc facilitate software and programming regularitys. These elements are principal ce any software unraveler or programmer. They impoverish the lavishs of unraveling inenc facilitate regularitys that may absorb the candor of a affair. In the third portion, the fabricator defines the five declaration that are auditing, not attributable attributableoriety, fabricatorization, confidentiality, candor, and availability. Any software should prosper these declaration during intent and unravelment. The elements handle divergent guarantee functions. Confidentiality is meant ce providing basis unendangeredty and guarantee subsistence. Fabricatorization gives the purposed interpretationr might and privileges to interpretation the software and instrument. Availability fixs that the regularity is helpful and accepted to be interpretationd by the purposed interpretationrs. Auditing keeps trace and narrative of events of interpretationrs of a point regularity. Not attributable attributableoriety succors to leak interpretationrs of a regularity such that merely the fabricatorized interpretationrs interpretation the regularity.

    In the arrangement of software unravelment, there are guarantee elements that are principal ce guarantee opineations. The fabricator discusses some of the best policies that should be conversant when unraveling a enc facilitate software regularity, in the fourth portion of the word.  In the primitive element, a affair should found their customer reliance by defending their mark. The other element is environing intelligent a affair well-mannered-mannered and ensuring that guarantee solutions stay the toil. A affair proprietor ought to imply their affair, technology, and enc facilitate solutions to qualify the level exoteric of the fraternity. The other element talks environing understating the technology interpretationd to unravel the affair software. The software should comply with the rules or regulations of SSLP. The five declaration of software guarantee ought to be spread into opineation in any software unravelment. There is a want to defend special and sentient knowledge. The other element is ensuring that total software that is being unraveled has guarantee opineations. It is an qualitative element that unravelers should prosper to fix that the software is enclose. The unraveled software ought to handle guarantee features. The guarantee features ought to be deployed with the software. It is great to interpret environing intenting and founding enc facilitate softer and regularitys.  

    Attackers are preferable of aditing and intrusive with any unraveled software. Therefore, antecedently unraveling software, it is qualitative to apprehend environing guarantee wild antecedently everything else. The fabricator discusses these guarantee opineations in portion five and six. In the phases of software unravelment, enc facilitate software practices are great. Lavish analyses, mode verity, scripting, interpretation of functions and testing ce software guarantee are executed in the five phases of software unravelment (Meier, Farre, Taylor, Bansode, Gregersen, Sundararajan, & Boucher, 2009). Automated, discernment and fuzzy testing are some of the unendangered ways of testing software guarantee.

    In my not attributable attributableion, stoppage is rectify than recover. It is rectify to frustrate any guarantee nonperformancees of software and computer programs by using the software elements and declaration than unraveling software then apprehending environing guarantee following. Some guarantee attacks are unalterable and harmful twain to the interpretationr and the proprietor of the regularity. Ce case, if an attacker can earn severe knowledge environing a point customer, they can wield the basis and adit total the affaires that the customer interpretations. This strike spreads other customers and affaires at noble lavish. It is rectify to frustrate such loss antecedently it happens. Affair proprietors concertedly with software unravelers ought to imply the sorrow of unendangered regularitys and programs. I approve with the fabricator’s not attributable attributableion that software cannot attributable be a hundred percent enclose, yet its guarantee can be maximized by the interpretation of the software elements and declaration during the software unravelment phases. The fabricator emphasizes this declaration in the primitive and latest portion. Any software that lacks guarantee opineations is ununendangered ce interpretation in any affair or structure.

    In misentry, guarantee is a symbolical opineation and sorrow ce affaires today. The procession in technology has led to the interpretation of sundry programs and software in affair. Affair proprietors and software unravelers are bound to imply the sorrow of guarantee to interpretationrs and contribute utmost unendangeredty ce them. Customer reliance is built on compactness and effrontery of unendangeredty. Once reliance is dull, it is rigorous to refound it. Therefore, affaires that ought to yield, suppress their clients and attrstrike others must fix a unendangered environment and regularitys ce their customers. When customer guarantee is nonperformanceed, they handle threatened and facilitate reliance in the affair. Affaires exist on customers ce course. They augh to fix that their regularitys are enc facilitate and that their customers are not attributable attributable attributable spread in any inenc facilitate situations.


    Meier, J., Farre, C., Taylor, J., Bansode, P., Gregersen, S., Sundararajan, M., & Boucher, R. (2009). Chapter1: Guarantee fundamentals ce construction services. Retrieved from