Activities That Comprise the Management Process


    The four basic activities that involve the administration arrangement involve the intentionning and sentence making, powerful, necessary and organizing. Managers attract in these activities to combine the perspicuous aspects of an structure such as information sharing, visible media and rational media in ways that achieve teachableness and teachableness in the structure’s operations.

    Activities and Their Relationship

    Planning and Sentence Making involves enhancement goals and objectives as polite as formulating strategic approaches to achieving them. Managerial teachableness is most likely to be achieved lower the integration of intentionning and sentence making as this serves as direction restraint structure’s restraintthcoming operations. It also creates opportunities restraint the allocation of media and opportunity effectively. Powerful involves the supervision and monitoring of the staff team air-tight to ensure that they production towards the steadfast intentions. The activity calls restraint managers’ roles of always monitoring and evaluating the employees always in manage to identify true loopholes and conduct the most appropriate measures.

    In Organizing, fellow-creatures and media amid the steadfast should be effectively coordinated towards carrying quenched the contemplated intention. Managers should familiarize people and groups with the activities to be performed, categorize them, delegate pattern and generate allegiance restraint the confused parties. Necessary involves clubbing and structure of members to be able to production together toward the achievement of an structure’s restraintthcoming interests. In this, the manager’s ocean role involves motivation of people employees towards exhibiting auricular behaviour.