A Website can be described as a single domain which contains different web pages that reveal or show different kinds of information that are important for the citizens as well as all leaders in a nation, a region, a company among others. This paper describes Atlantic website (https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2012/03/obama-explained/308874/). It describes the important information presented on the website and examines the accuracy of the information provided. The Atlantic website provides updates of the latest news regarding politics, technology, and international, economic as well as social issues. It also provides popular news that is important for the citizens. Besides, the website provides online magazine and other articles which are necessary for personal gain (Quinn, 2011). The website is designed in such a way that it supports the recent versions of Firefox, Internet explorer as well as Chrome and this enables individuals to quickly and easily access information from the site and subscribe and manage subscription. One can also create an account or sign up to receive emailed newsletter. The website provides information about The Atlantic, a popular magazine that was founded the 19th century. It has been a Literary and cultural commentary magazine which has grown and achieved good reputation worldwide. The magazine has published commentary regarding education and political affairs. An example of political information that the website reveals is the Obama’s presidency. The articles state how the former president of the United States led the state during his second term in office. The article explains both the positive side and the negatives concerning the leadership of Obama during his time in office. Although, he is skillful and visionary he had some weaknesses as a leader. It states how Obama began his political journey from the 1990s (Quinn, 2011). Obama ran for Illinois State Senate and emerged the winner. He served as a senator and then decided to run for the presidency after some years of service as a senator. The articles explain that before President Obama run for the presidency, he had seven-plus experience as a national figure. Some of the political actions or strategies used by Obama to win the elections have been described. In 2008, Obama experienced tough competition during the presidential race John McCain and Sarah Palin who were running against him. Despite the stiff competition between the two presidential aspirants and the obstacles brought about by McCain. Obama won the election and became the 44th president of the United States. The article reveals the performance of President Obama. It explains how different people have recognized the work done by Obama for United States people. Although, some say that he has underperformed. The opponents have tried to compare Obama and the previous presidents. It describes the reasons why presidents fail. It talks about some US presidents and the effects of their actions. For instance, raising or cutting down taxes. Moreover, the article explains what Barack Obama did for the people of US (Quinn, 2011). He demonstrated the capability of growing and adapting, introduced health care initiatives, avoiding economic depression among other development actions. Ina nutshell, the article provides the political history of the former President Obama, his achievements and faults as a leader. A lot of the information provided in the website is the same as the data that I collected from the portfolio research. This is a clear indication the website offers reliable information for references. However, I noticed a difference when it came to presentation of the same information from various sources. Some of the sources provided shallow info while others offered extensive information like the Atlantic website. Sources Quinn, A. (2011). The art of declining politely: Obama’s prudent presidency and the waning of American power. International affairs, 87(4), 803-824. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2012/03/obama-explained/308874