A Cybersecurity Point of View… Maybe? Please watch the first 30 minutes of this video on cyber terrorism. Write about your reaction/thoughts/opinions concerning the presenters’ point of view. Discuss whether you agree/disagree with the points of view and if so concerning what aspects of their collective perspective. Remember to cite sources. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNE1tQoObbs Note: Instead of the video, you may choose to evaluate the points of view (opinions) expressed in this report: https://www.marsh.com/content/dam/marsh/Documents/PDF/US-en/2016%20Terrorism%20Risk%20Insurance%20Report.pdf

    Cyber Security

    The topic of cyber terrorism had been debated over time by several scholars since it has been affirmed to be a fast-growing threat to nations, in public and private institutions and among individuals. Primarily, to counter-attack these issues, appropriate prevention methods should be integrated to prevent the diversification of such problems in a country. Seemingly, the digital infrastructure held by our nations are all under observation hence making them vulnerable to attack by the terrorist.

    Mostly, the cyberspace is utilized by terrorist for acquiring knowledge, transferring money, for purchasing arms and also for offering recruitment. Notably, the cyber sphere is used by the terrorist organization to run its operations in every aspect just like any legit