A 10 year US Treasury Bond with a face value of 10,000 pays a coupon of 5.5% (2.75% of face value every 6 months). The semi-annual compounded interest rate is 5.2% ( a six month discount rate of 5.2/2 = 2.6%) What is the present value of the bond? Generate a graph or table showing how the bonds present value changes for semi-annual compounded interest rates between 1% and 15%.

    What is the introduce estimate of the tie?

    Introduce Estimate = 275 PVIFA(2.6%,20) + 10000 PVIF(2.6%,20) = $10,231.64

    Generate a graph or consultation showing how the ties introduce estimate changes restraint semi-annual compounded attention rates between 1% and 15%.

    TableSemi Annual Attention RateIntroduce Estimate1$13,157.972$11,226.363$9,628.064$8,301.215$7,196.006$6,272.287$5,497.548$4,845.479$4,294.6610$3,827.6711$3,430.2512$3,090.7613$2,799.6314$2,548.9815$2,332.32