Research Paper Topics

    The starting point of a research project is a research topic and comprises the issue or topic that the researcher is interested in. You will need to clearly define your research topic so that it can form the foundation of a successful research paper. It, therefore, follows that the most challenging aspect of a research project is coming up with a good research topic. A good rule of thumb is to always take the time to research before putting anything in writing. Any experienced researcher knows that the best research topic comes from an area that they are already interested in. There are reasons for that and one of them is that a research project generally takes up a lot of effort and time so it is best when the topic is something that you are interested in. The other bit about the research topic is that it should have a lot of information to write and that it meets the requirements in the instructions.

    Examples of Research Paper Topics

                Looking at some examples of research paper topics can help you get started on the kind of issues that make for material to be researched on. Whether you are looking to come up with college or high school research paper topics, these examples of research paper topics can help to kick-start you on the journey to come up with research paper topics.

    High School Research Paper Topics

    1. The role of women during the roaring twenties in America
    2. Of the technological innovations in information technology, which has had the most impact in the 21st century?
    3. What impact does social media have on communication skills among teenagers?
    4. The significance of play in early childhood development.
    5. What is the relationship between career growth for women and their desire for children?
    6. What is the impact of noise pollution on the population’s health?
    7. What has been the impact of Communism in China?
    8. Discuss the evolution and impact of cryptocurrency.
    9. How does the family background of a student affect their performance on standardized tests?
    10. Why have divorce rates increased in the modern world?
    11. What is the impact of the money incentive on the uptake of sperm donation amongst men?
    12. How has the internet influenced the way that a government is run?
    13. What is the impact of the difference in healthcare between countries?
    14. Discuss the implications of Hitler’s rise to power.
    15. How has Islam/Muslim been portrayed in the media in the wake of terrorism?
    16. What has been the impact urbanization on the rates of deforestation across the globe?
    17. Discuss the impact of Google search on teenage literacy.
    18. Of the three branches of government, which is the least powerful and why?
    19. What is the impact of volcanic eruptions of mountains on the surrounding local population?
    20. How do leaders influence their followers towards action during times of change?
    21. What is the role of peer pressure on student involvement drug and substance abuse?