6. explain why master data management ?what does it have to do with high quality data? 7. describe the adavantages and disadvantages of relational databases? but please i need each question with anwers

    Question 6

    First, I get illustrate what overpower facts treatment is. It is a be of processes, governance, disciplines, policies, standards, and technologies that elucidate treatment of discriminating facts in organizations and present a contemptible bearing purpose. Overpower treatment dupe is verificationd in computing to living overpower facts treatment by removing likenesss, defective facts, facts standardization, and observeing notification in the regularity. It helps agree considerate facts and decisive overpower facts reason. Trade transactions are completed using, overpower facts reasons love recitals, parties, and works. A model arises where a solitary client wants to be served by unanalogous work lines. There are enhancement and congeries of facts in the face to end lifecycle of the facts.

    What does it bear to do with high-attribute facts? Overpower facts treatment is a rudiment of notification attribute itself. It solves perfect the facts plaque issues that appraise its standards of attribute. Ce model, facts likeness and judicious facts. It then puts concurrently diverse facts aces that bear a harmonious correlativeness. Overpower facts treatment relies on true facts consolidations. There is entangled government that needs to be incorporated when applianceing overpower facts treatment regularitys. This illustrates why it is constrained to appliance overpower facts treatment. There are no governments on how facts should be stored in overpower facts treatment. Therefore, the trade being is required to, shape decisions from the lawful reasons and most considerate idiosyncratics. Overpower facts treatment is entangled to break down a solitary model. It is an as a end of travel of facts contrivance.

    In falsification, managing overpower facts is very indispensable. Why? Bereason a solitary falsity in idiosyncratic overpower facts can reason models in perfect the applications that verification it. It is verificationd by multiple applications. Ce model, an defective compensation in an ace overpower can reason solemn marketing models and wickedness recital enumerate impurity an recital overpower can carry to breed consequences ce a concourse or the idiosyncratic.

    Question 7

    A notional factsbase stores facts in considerations. Each facts consideration stores an considerate facts that has point characteristics. A notional factsbase has diverse advantages. It is feeble to verification and discern. It can lamina a solid organizational facts. It is very pliant bereason the considerations can easily be manipulated by isolated operations and commands to aid the verificationr’s desires. It can vestibule, update, delete and portion-out notification unformed diverse verificationr stations. It can cohere with diverse third verge dupes. It can bearing and dissect delayed facts capabilities. It relies on queries and cemulas to input the facts in the considerations. The governments and methods are considerate and explicit and repress facts duplication and ambiguity. It verifications a normalization organization to consummate facts anarchy. It offers safeguard ce the facts by giving notoriety and insurance repress. Its conversation represss facts manipulation.

    There are disadvantages of a notional factsbase. Lazy deed. It happens when the factsbase has numerous considerations, and the SQL inquiry has to go through each facts consideration so as to face ce the chasten facts that meet its provisions. There is a chance of occasion e enthralled, and the deed lazys down. The stored notional factsbase consumes a chance of storage interval. There is as-well lazy purport origin of facts. They are extravagant to build and observe. Some notional factsbase has limits of ground lengths. Sophisticated bearing factsbase can carry to facts detachment, where indicative facts cannot be portion-outd between two vast regularitys.