250 – 300 words / at least 2 references Required: Author: Manning, G. & Curtis, K. Title: The Art of Leadership Copyright Year: 2014 Edition: 5th Publisher: McGraw-Hill ISBN#: 978-0077862459 Instructions When preparing for your discussion post on this case, it is recommended that you read through it several times. Read through it the first time to familiarize yourself with the case. On the second reading, consider your assigned role in the situation, and let that guide your perspective. Look deeper at the details: facts, problems, organizational goals, objectives, policies, strategies. Next, consider the concepts, theories, tools and research you need to use to address the issues presented. Then, complete any research, analysis, calculations, or graphing to support your decisions and make recommendations. Background Information There are relatively few people that are universally regarded as visionaries. Some might include individuals, such as Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, and the Wright Brothers. While universally acclaimed, they are often disregarded as super-talented geniuses, or outliers that live outside of the range of normal human experience. Leaders have vision. They share a dream and direction that other people want to share and follow. The leadership vision of an individual goes beyond the written organizational mission statement and their vision statement. The vision of leadership permeates the workplace and is manifested in the actions, beliefs, values and goals of your organization’s leaders. In 2001, Sheryl Sandberg went to work for Google selling online advertising, and was employed until 2008. In March of that year, Mark Zuckerburg hired Sandberg away from Google to become the Chief Operating Officer for Facebook. With her experience at Google, she was able to make Facebook profitable. Her leadership experience gained at Google made a difference at Facebook. Since that time, Sandberg is known for the Lean In movement, from her book Lean In. Discussion Prompt In this module, we are talking about leadership vision. John F. Kennedy famously dreamed of putting a man on the moon. Eleanor Roosevelt envisioned a world of equal opportunity for women and minorities. Wendy Kopp was still a college student when she dreamed of making American schools better by creating a cadre of young, enthusiastic teachers. Compelling visions can truly change the world. In 1982, Johnson and Johnson (J&J) had a scare. Someone tainted a batch of their famous Tylenol Pain reliever. J&J has a corporate credo. Please read the credo and this article about the scare. After reviewing the information in the credo, did J&J rely on it during the scare? Describe the importance of having a vision for an organization’s success, and use real-life examples to support these views. In your responses to classmates, add to the discussion by sharing your views about the importance of vision related to the examples they provided. Tasks Discuss whether J&J relied on the credo during the scare. Describe the importance of having a vision for an organization’s success. Apply examples from real-life to support the use of a vision for an organization’s success. Consult the Discussion Posting Guide for information about writing your discussion posts. Be sure to check your work and correct any spelling or grammatical errors before you post it. When you are ready to post, click on the “Create Thread” button for a new thread or “Reply” to respond to a previous post. Then, copy/paste the text from your document into the message field, and click “Submit.”

    M2D1: Longing



    M2D1: Longing


    1. Discuss whether J&J relied on the credo during the daunt.
    2. Describe the signification of having a longing restraint an structure’s good-fortune.
    3. Apply issues from real-life to help the verification of a longing restraint an structure’s good-fortune.


    The chief and pristine responsibility according to J&J Credo entails the pre-eminence of rational sanity prophylactic, to the patients, doctors, nurses, and communities that captivate the assemblage’s products. The nature of making investigate improvement guides the operations and decisions of the assemblage (Johnson, 2017). In reaction to the poisoned Tylenol occasion, the assemblage’s wieldr James Burke ordered the present seclusion of quit of any drugs to the trade irrespective of the hurt and losses the assemblage would meet as a responsibility to captivate rational sanity prophylactic chief antecedently any other monstrosity. Therefore, this confirms of J&J assurance on the credo to rejoin, wield, and wield the Tylenol occasion.

    Signification of Longing restraint an Structure’s Good-fortune

    The verificationful sketch and verification of longing in an structure are crucial to its good-fortune. The longing augments an structure’s ability to visualize and loud a likely advenient. As polite, sharing the longing with employee’s helps in creating a committed workforce, obedient, and oriented towards a beggarly sight (Manning & Curtis, 2014). A longing helps an structure to budget and perfectocate its resources acceptably to augment its accommodation restraint its good-fortune. Restraint a good-fortuneful structure, a longing aligns the despatch of an structure mind to the stakeholders, employees, issue, and investors. As polite, the longing informs harvest that spurs good-fortune by providing measurable sights and objectives at intermittent times. Thus, augment gauging the good-fortune strategy of an structure.

    Real-life Issues

    Fox issue, Zuckerberg’s longing in driving Facebook entails, “Facebook stands restraint bringing us closer conjointly and edifice a global commonwealth.” To limit, Facebook verificationrs carve counter the whole globe with billions of verificationrs already enrolled and millions connection the global Facebook commonwealth. Facebook has made despatch easier counter the globe. Also, McDonald’s Brand Longing entails “To be the best agile employment restaurant trial.” To limit, the structure boasts as individual of the best wild help assemblage in the assiduity with outlets perfect balance the globe.


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