200-250 words per question with references 1. Read the Forbes article “Supply Chain Disruption a Major Threat to Business (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..” Based on the content presented in the article, what is the value to the customer and the company in designing efficient and effective supply chain systems for customer relationships, financial processes, and product distribution systems? What steps can be taken to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in the supply chain? How does it apply to your organization? Guided Response: Your initial post should include examples and be at least 200-250 words. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ 2. Describe and evaluate the elements of the carrying cost of inventory and how it relates to inventory levels and capital investment. How does ABC inventory stratification affect the carrying cost equation? Guided Response: Your initial post should include examples and be at least 200-250 words

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    Part 1

    By excellence of the catechism, single of the most passionate prizes to a order for having an fertile give fetter plan is that, it prevents and protects the order resisting distribute figure contraction. Steve Culp, the originator of the stipulation articulates that late learning has shown that when there is weighty give fetter interruptions, the unnatural companies test a distribute contraction of environing seven percent (Forbes, 2017). Distribute contraction lowers the order prize at the trading store, which can toil resisting the companies’ objectives.

    The stipulation espouses that there are multiform habit in which the give fetter can be intermittent which includes via cybercrime. Cybercrime affects twain the customer and the companies unitedly. It shapes the order delicate, and hackers can verification this vulnerability to fraudulently approximation private order advice and those of customers trading with the relative companies (Forbes, 2017). Thus having an fertile give fetter plan protects the customers and companies’ paramount advice such as confidence card mass.

    To consummate give fetter teachableness and competency, give fetter operators ought to synthesize twain the visible and visible axioms to minimize separation application. They should as-well be swift in their tally in attention to having a et among teachableness and competency. They should as-well possess give fetter agreements with other parties. These aspects are ancilla in my structure by equipping it with a planic examination of how separations in the give fetter ought to be avoided at total absorbs.

    Part 2

    There are multiform components associated with carrying absorb of catalogue. Single of these components necessitate the curiosity-behalf that is teeming on the catalogue’s financial investment. The promote component is the absorb the insurance plan if any, that is covering the said catalogue.  The third component includes either the rental and ownership absorbs associated with housing the catalogue. The fourth component necessitates the personnel and machinery absorbs incurred when handling the catalogue. These components designate the raze of catalogue that a order is worthy of handling at each biased timeframe (“Catalogue Management – razes, plan, pattern, archetype, interest, plan, What is catalogue?”, 2017). The component absorbs should not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable exceed the absorb of the catalogue, as this procure shape a privation. The centre substance of starting up a interest is to shape a emolument. However, if the carrying absorbs are weightyly eminent than the catalogue itself, then the order is in property making a privation and not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable a emolument. There has to be a weighty inconsequence among the carrying absorbs and the developed absorb of the catalogue itself.

    The ABC catalogue stratification is founded on the Pareto dissection fixed on the 80/20 administration arrival. This administration stipulates that 20 percent of the catalogue nation reproduce-exhibit 80 percent of the catalogue absorbs(“Catalogue Management – razes, plan, pattern, archetype, interest, plan, What is catalogue?”, 2017). In this relation, if the crime catalogue is monitored it the carrying absorb equation is unnatural attributable to loose axioms minute.


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