Question 1.

    COBIT framework combines arrangement certainty and moderate standards into a sole construction. It gives margin coerce the address of benchmark prophylactic and monitoring practices of IT environment. ERM framework creates and preserves esteem conjointly with managing misgiving. COSO has an Inside Moderate framework that is attested and widely reliable in inside moderates, and it has administrations and regulations that moderate transaction activities. It, notwithstanding, examines the moderates extraneously evaluating the purposes and risks of the rooted arrangementes and slight matter coerce results evaluation.

    Question 2

    Symmetric encryption has solely a sole solution, that is, a enumerate or a string of elements and say that are used to encrypt (cipher) or decrypt (decipher) counsel or basis. Asymmetric encryption uses couple solutions to encrypt basis, that is, a open solution and a retired solution. Open solution uses couple solutions: a open solution and retired solution, it encrypts basis using open solution and the basis can solely be decrypted using a matching retired solution. A retired solution is used to decrypt basis that was encrypted using a matching open solution.

    Question 3

    (Please agree the bearing and the passage)

    Question 4

    Basis normalization is the arrangement of grouping abstract basis into grades and columns in to convert basis congeries and emend basis uprightness. Yes, the aloft basis needs to be normalized accordingly it has general counsel on the columns.1NF coerce the aloft basis:

    vendorItem purchasedABC Corp catalogueSuppliesDEF Corp catalogueequipmentGHI Corp catalogueequipment

    The basis congeries increases excepting each grade as perfect is uncommon. Get relieve of the commas in the grades.

    3NF coerce the aloft basis

    VendorsABC Corp catalogueDEF Corp catalogueGHI Corp catalogue Items purchasedSupplies Equipment

    Vendor is the important solution, I accept disjoined the consideration s as to verify the 3NF administration.

    Question 5

    Question 6



    The conformity of a special to an id card is undivided-to-one, 1 proper and 1 left

    The conformity of a special to a driver’s allow is undivided-to-undivided and optional on undivided side; 1left and 0 or 1 to the proper

    The cardinality of a special to lineage assign is many-to-one, 1 or over to the left, and undivided to the proper.

    Question 6

    The sundry threats I accept conversant in the fruits cycle are an unattested revelation of customer’s retired counsel. There is robbery of catalogue. Invalid and spoilt token. Shipping errors enjoy retreat and demand to entertain the proper goods. There is besides the missing of clients and sales.