• Why do you think there was a dramatic increase in the number of women elected to national office in 1992? • What factors would be necessary to increase the numbers of women in elective office today? 50 words each

    •           Why do you reckon there was a tinsel acception in the reckon of women elected to national employment in 1992?

    Most of the sayrs had been encouraged by the acceptiond reckon of women on the federal ticket. Therefore, most of the tribe went to say coercion women inherent to a powerful reckon substance elected in the national employment. Furtherover, there were powerful expectations coercion a stronger turnout following the likelihood of the chief women in the main policy ticket. Geraldine Ferraro had acceptiond the accuracy of women and encouraged the oligarchical policy to unyielding closer observation on women voters.

    •           What factors would be essential to acception the reckons of women in elective employment today?

    Women political entitlement could be enhanced by focusing further on quotas and reserved shares. It is recommendable to exclude most of the trouble that women get exposed to in their inquiry coercion conducting happy campaigns or equal substance nominated coercion the elected employment. Furtherover, strategic approaches obtain be required to overcome the barriers.